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Reviews for Six Days in January

Zane, New York Times Bestselling Author of Skyscraper, Nervous, The Sisters of APF, Gettin' Buck Wild: The Sex Chronicles 2, The Heat Seekers, Shame on it All, Addicted and The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth
"Six Days in January" is a testimonial to the fact that men do have real feelings.

--Earl Sewell, author of Taken For Granted and contributing author to
An emotionally intriguing story that is sure to touch the soul of anyone who has ever loved deeply..

Impressionable and Real, March 22, 2004

Reviewer: from Brooklyn, New York

After reading Six Days in January twice, William Frederick Cooper has written a book that other authors have tip-toed through when it comes to matters of the heart and emotions of men and I say "thank you".
Through William McCall, the reader experiences the rollercoaster emotions of what happens to a man during his quest for love. Ironically,we women go through the same thing but we can call our sister friends one o'clock in the morning and share but unfortunately men don't have that same privilege without being labled as weak or a punk from not only his "boys" but from the same women who want a sensitive man in their life. Talk about
double standard.

Six Days in January opens the door for much needed dialogue between the sexes as well as for us women if we are ever going to start the healing process. We need each other! Let the healing begin!
I am looking forward to the sequel.
God Bless!

The Review, March 21, 2004

Reviewer: from Brooklyn, New York United States

Applause, Applause, and Scene...LOL

Stunning debut by William Frederick Cooper that touched me and had me re-think some of my ways in regards to the dating scene. This book goes up there with Michael Baisden "Men Cry In The Dark," as it delves into the Black male psyche and delivers on what it means to be black, male, and single.

The love he has for one character truly goes above and beyond L-O-V-E and although at times you want to shake him you have compassion for him as he truly is in love.

William McCall, the protagonist, is the type of guy that majority of us not only want, but need as he is all that and more.

The only thing I had issues with is when it refers to his marriage and we only get a snippet in the end.

Overall, kudos to Mr. Cooper in writing an absolutely engaging book that lets it be known that there are some good Black men out there even in the urban jungle of New York City.


A must read for every woman, December 8, 2001
Reviewer:  from Long Island, NY
Six Days in January gives a very heartfelt, realistic glimpse inside of the heart and soul of a very sensitive, lovelorn William McCall. Fredrick Cooper is to be commended for his courage to go where no other male author would dare tread, namely, inside of the mind and heart of a man revealing that yes, men also suffer from broken hearts, and yes, they too cry tears of pain.

Six Days is a very moving story that compels the reader to feel anger over Andrea's treatment of William, frustration over his tolerance of it and joy when he finally makes a stand for himself. Fredrick has done an extraordinary job on his first novel. His portrayal of William has revealed that men are, in their own right, delicate creatures too. Creatures deserving of understanding, respect and love. Six Days in January is a must read for every woman


Read It!, March 16, 2001

Reviewer:  from Staten Island, NY United States

"Six Days in January..." offers a fresh perspective in the spectrum of relationship novels. Author Fredrick Cooper sheds light on an all-too-overlooked aspect of male-female relationships: what can happen to a man when he is damaged by love. It is a cautionary tale in some regards, but in the end we are not totally sure whom we should fear the most: the opposite sex or ourselves.

Sizzling, Spicy and Soul Stirring!!! A MUST READ!!!, June 7, 2003

Reviewer: from Nashville, Tennessee

Since its release, Fredrick Cooper has been receiving stellar reviews for his debut novel Six Days in January. None of the fanfare is without merit. Cooper has created a sizzling, spicy, spirit-filled, and soul-stirring novel with a fresh, thought-provoking spin on the usual relationship products in film and print so prevalent now. This one is told from the inside out.

Magnetic Read, March 18, 2003

Reviewer: San Antonio Black Magazine-Online Book Club from San Antonio, Texas

Six Days In January" is magnetic, powerful, provocative and filled with heart. The author goes where no man has ever gone before in the new age of literary fiction romance. Bold and gripping this debut novel isn't easy to discard. The main character, William doesn't want any trouble. All he wants is a reciprocating lover of faith, and believer in romance and love itself.