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These are my innermost thoughts. I thought I'd share them with you.


WOULD YOU MIND ??? (Inspired by Janet Jackson's "Would You Mind...")

Five minutes to Ten. Sitting all alone at work once more, wanting to bathe someone, play with someone, have my emerging hardness dance with a love.  Janet's  CD flows while drinks with the boys await me downtown. But I can't leave. Not now, not while my loins are still afire. Not now, while I yearn to taste a valley only the sweetest of love provides. Not now, as my manhood craves the warmness of a loved one. All of me wants all of you, forever.

Can I take you there again, on another journey through my fantasy suite? Can I unravel the threads to your inhibitions tonight? Undressing you, then caressing you, I long to satisfy, so to your carnal passions I comply. Can I go inside your luscious canyon with a fluttering, hypnotic object, lovingly probing and exploring your succulent ravine of amour? Can I rub my bald pate against your womanhood? Mmmm, I can just taste the dew that flows from your honey dripping from my eyelashes.

As we dance slowly to rhythm of Janet's erotica, my senses are aroused by the tenor of our nude embrace. The soft texture of your skin, the pillow-like feel of your lips has desires raging uncontrollably. Gosh, the lust blazes from you as well, for liquid droplets of love from a tunnel only wanting me runs between my thighs. Without a word said, our dark eyes of desire meet. We both know what's about to happen next.

Sampling your lips - NO DAMMIT, I THINK YOU ME KNOW BY NOW: NOT THE ONES UPSTAIRS - the scent of you filters through my brain as my tongue collides with something salty and sweet. Feeling the shivers of incomprehensible, yet indescribable pleasure run through you as my mouth performs orally, Go deeper, you command. I obey, setting your body aflame. Your limbs trembling with a feeling unknown to man, no one told you I would devour you channel.  No one told you it would be like this.

Enfolding you in loving arms of desires as we descend to the bed, you see ardent fires burning through soulful eyes. Yes, honey, I've anticipated this moment for an eternity. Mouths and tongues clashing first affectionately, then aggressively, I move to ample mounds of pleasure. Moaning with satisfaction as one nipple, then the other are grazed by my tongue, the fantasies once whispered in my ears and revealed aloud in a whimpering plea. Make me come, Daddy, you beg. I want your juices inside, then all over me, you pant. A tremendous wave of emotion courses my veins as I respond; not by words, my queen, but with action.

I just wanna kiss you, suck you, taste you, ride you, feel you, make you come too.... Janet's purr encompassed the mood as our anatomies connect. I plunge into your dampened treasure. Savoring the warmth of your core, your heated welcome of my manhood excites me as I kiss you slowly, tenderly and lovingly. Increasing the depths of my exploration, I long to see the throes of passion flicker across your face. Daddy will sweat a river trying to please you. Feeling your body quiver, I increase the tempo as we begin moving as one.

Just Like That, Daddy.... Go Deeper...,you moan as the juices from you soak my rigid stiffness. Piling and plunging deeper into you, the hardness of my masculine strength causes you to squirm and spasm and a food flows from something senastional, sopping and syrupy: Your Pussy. 

Clutching to each other aggressively causes me drive into you faster and faster, demanding your release, compelling your to peak.

 Same Time baby, Same Time. . Feed Mommy..., you scream. OOOHHHH, HONEY... I LOVE YOU!!!

Hearing those words sends an explosion screaming down my nerve endings and into you, jolting us so forcefully that we fail to hear the song end as we collapse in love. Spent.