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6 Days In January
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6 Days In January
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In this powerful debut novel, William Fredrick Cooper presents a fresh perspective on relationships, shedding light on the insecurities, fears, and vulnerabilities that men try to conceal--and what can happen when they are suppressed for too long.

Just after midnight on a bitterly cold Thursday in January, William McCall is stumbling down an icy Bronx street, wondering when things started to go wrong. As he makes his way to an empty subway station, he begins piecing together the events and relationships that have led him to this moment--alone, ashamed, and kicked out into the cold. Realizing that he must face the past in order to restore his faith in himself, over the next six days William thinks back through the years, examining the events that led to his downward spiral. He is forced to confront memories and feelings that he has kept buried--a painful pivotal relationship, several emasculating incidents, countless ill-advised choices and mistakes, a myriad of insecurities and fears--and have chipped away at his sensitive, chivalrous qualities, leaving him cynical, selfish, and bitter.

A candid, cautionary tale of how a quest for romance can unintentionally transform a person into someone new, Six Days in January is an eye-opening, emotionally charged glimpse into the heart of an African-American man.

"Get off of me, you fucking bastard! Get your dick out of me!" Della pounded on Williams chest and shoulders until he backed off.

"Della, please, Im so sorry. I dont know what I was thinking. It must have been our conversation earlier," he continued. "Please forgive me, I didnt mean anything by it."

"You are one fucked up individual, William!" Della screamed as she stormed around the bedroom in a fury. "How could you? Every single time I give in to you, I feel more and more like a fool for listening to your trifling, sorry ass. But, not anymore. Get the hell out and stay the fuck out of my life!"

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EXCERPT TWO: Fall 1988

Fall arrived, and the R&B group Guy dominated the airwaves with a new sound called the New Jack Swing. Luther Vandross was on tour with Anita Baker, serenading crowds with ballads off a new album entitled Any Love. And William was about to progress to another level with Andrea.

With the seeds planted and watered at Mr. Leos, and judging from the steamy phone conversation during which "it" was hinted at, both knew consummation was imminent.

Wanting to be sure this time, on a Monday morning in mid-October William sent a floral arrangement to Andrea at work along with a note carrying The Question.

Her answer came that afternoon while they shared a turkey sandwich in an empty conference room at his workplace.

"Yes, I would love to make love to you," she said over lunch.

William was startled, pleased and discomfited, all in the same moment; a moment that he had lived for, seemingly forever.

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