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William Fredrick Cooper

By Andree Michelle


Who is this man

So deep in soul

Who cries out to the world

This Story must be told

Who is William Fredrick Cooper

A vulnerable man

With a heart that bleeds tears

Who unburdened his soul

And revealed his deepest fears

Who is William Fredrick Cooper

Can such an honest hearted man

Truly pave the way

For all sensitive men

Who have something to say

Who is William Fredrick Cooper

He is a loving, kind

Passionate young man

Who despite many obstacles

Has made his own stand

He revealed to the world

A man that women could not see

But when they got a glimpse of his heart

They all searched for the key

He is both lion and lamb

Strong enough to shed tears

A man that we have all been searching for

For so many years

Welcome William Fredrick Cooper

-Copyright 2003